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    Huaian Xin Mei Food Co.,Ltd which is located in Huaian city near Shanghai is a totally local company which specializes in the manufacturing and exporting of canned vegetables,canned mushrooms and canned fruits.
    Started in 1996, Xin Mei Food was originally established as Jiangsu Fu Long Pickled Food Mfg. producing half-finished pickles. Over the years of developing, the company has grown into the biggest and most professional canned food producer in the area. We have company owned farm produce production base about 3000 Acers¡¢cooperative production base about 3300 Acers and supporting base about 2800 Acers,which can totally assure the safety and health of the material for your products. With advanced equipments and professional technicians,we operate with the mission of providing the world with safe,healthy and delicious canned food which is very popular in the market for its original color,taste and whole nutrition.
    Certified by ISO9001:2000,HACCP and IFS,the company strictly performs the GMP and SSOP to guarantee the quality of products.Besides, we also won many local honorary award such as Huaian Credit Unit, Jiangsu Quality Credit Enterprise and Jiangsu Famous Brand ect..The company also has products like canned mushroom and canned carrot registered in American FDA.
    For the goal of product diversification and serving the customers best, we keep contributing to new product developing. Hereby,we sincerely wish for your visit and cooperation with your company for the mutual-benefit and mutual-development of both parties.
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